2019 Data Download Help

View the 30-minute CLEAR webinar about the 2019 imagery.

Download a Small Number of File

To move around the map, use the + to zoom in and the - to zoom out. Pan by holding the left-click and dragging your mouse. If you have a scroll wheel or touch pad on your mouse, scroll up to zoom in and down to zoom out. (Note that a download manager can be installed in your browser. If you plan on clicking and downloading a lot of files, consider using a manager to line the files up and download one at a time - it will help you manage it and help our server load)

To start, EITHER:

  • Select a Town from the drop-down list Town drop-downor
  • Click on the map.

The town is now selected (colored in yellow).Result Window for a Tile

  • The Results window: On the Town tab click MrSID4 Mosaic File to download the town mosaic. OR click the Tile tab to download the selected tile as a Tiff.
  • The Tile List : Click on the file type to (.. you guessed it), download the zipped tile..

Tile List


The Tile List Column has some other nifty functions.

- The Magnifier zooms the map to that tile
- Clicking on the Town Name will zoom the map to that town and
- Clicking on the x next to the town name clears out the selected tiles.


Download Numerous Tiles

Download Numerous Tiles

Visit the Download Manager page for instructions on the best way to download many tiles, which is to use a download manager. Note that the instructions include downloading individual tiles by clicking and downloading a selected list of tiles.

Town Mosaics

Town Mosaics

The town mosaics are available as a compressed MrSID gen 4 format. The extent of the town mosaics are defined by a rectangle that includes the town boundary. The rectangle extent was used to ensure that no part of any town would be missing. Also, image data must be a rectangular shape so instead of providing you with many black pixels that contained no information, you get a full rectangle of aerial imagery!

To see the extent of the town mosaic that you can download, mouse over Mosaic Extent in the Results window. The orange square outlines the rectangular extent of imagery in that town's mosaic.