These featured topics have received special treatment and are each mini-websites inside CT ECO.

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Aerial Imagery

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Elevation & Lidar

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CT Parcels

Connecticut parcels are an aggregation of municipal parcel datasets collected by the Councils of Governments and the CT GIS Office. Learn about the different layers and how to access them. 

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2023 Imagery & Lidar

Orthoimagery (3 inch pixel resolution) and Lidar elevation data for all of Connecticut collected in the spring of 2023. This is the first Quality Level 1 statewide Lidar acquisition for Connecticut.

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2019 Aerial Imagery

Orthoimagery (6 inch pixel resolution) for Connecticut collected in the spring of 2019.

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2017 Eastern CT Coast Aerial Imagery

The imagery was collected for the photo interpretation and delineation of submerged aquatic vegetation (mainly Zostera marina, or eelgrass) in Long Island Sound. These data are a continuation of other USFWS efforts to map eelgrass in previous years. 

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2016 Imagery & Lidar

Orthoimagery (3 inch pixel resolution) and Lidar elevation data for all of Connecticut collected in the spring of 2016. The flight is Connecticut's first statewide acquisition this high level of detail

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3D Lidar Point Viewer (2016)

An interactive, 3D viewer of statewide colorized Lidar points. 

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2012 Aerial Imagery

Orthoimagery (6 inch pixel resolution) for all of Connecticut collected in the spring of 2012.

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1934 Historic Aerial Photography

Information about and different ways to view the 1934 aerial photo mosaic created by UConn MAGIC. CLEAR is also working on an image service of 1934 tiles with high quality georeferencing.

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Long Island Sound Blue Plan Viewer

The purpose of the Long Island Sound Blue Plan is to identify and protect places of traditional use and ecological significance, and to minimize conflicts, now and in the future. This includes preserving a collective vision of Long Island Sound, and facilitating a transparent, science-based decision-making process. The Blue Plan Map Viewer contains all data layers for the project in a format for exploration.

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CT MS4 Supporting Layers

water quality and impervious surface

Layers supporting Connecticut's MS4 Stormwater permit including 2012, 1 foot, statewide impervious surface are available for viewing and download.

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Sea Level Rise Effects on Roads & Marshes

To better understand how Connecticut’s coastal area marshes and roads may respond to sea level rise (SLR), Sea Level Affecting Marshes Model (SLAMM) was applied to Connecticut’s shoreline. This viewer displays the model’s results for Connecticut’s 21 largest marshes and all coastal area roads.

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Aquaculture Mapping Atlas

The Aquaculture Mapping Atlas is a resource for industry managers and aquaculture enthusiasts.

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DEEP Fish Community Data - Inland Waters

CT DEEP's freshwater fish and macro-invertebrate community data (historic and current). Available to view and download.

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Land Cover

Land Cover on CT ECO includes the Changing Landscape project and a High Resolution Land Cover dataset. The Changing Landscape project is 7 dates of consistent land cover spanning 30 years (1985-2015) and change. It covers both Connecticut and the larger lower Long Island Sound Watershed. Learn about, explore, connect to, or download land cover for Connecticut.

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Connecticut Bears

Researchers at the University of Connecticut are collaborating with CT DEEP to create the first scientifically-based estimate of the number of black bears in Connecticut. Learn about this research and about CT's bear population in this interactive story map.