CT ECO on ArcGIS Online

To Start

We suggest choosing either Gallery or Groups from the top menu.


Groups are collections of layers, maps, and apps by topic.  Click on a group to it's items.

  • CT ECO Featured - A handful of selected featured apps or maps. These also show up on the CT ECO AGOL home page.
  • CT ECO Gallery - All of the maps, apps, and services provided on CT ECO, many of which exist on other groups also.
  • CT ECO Maps & Apps - A collection of CT ECO Maps and Apps.
  • CT ECO Image Services - A collection of CT ECO image services (as opposed to map services) which service raster, or pixel, layers and includes aerial imagery and bare earth raster elevation (called a DEM).
  • CT ECO Land Cover - A collection of CT ECO land cover services and viewers.
  • CT ECO Map and Feature Services - A collection of CT ECO map services (as opposed to image services) which serve vector, or lines, points, and polygons layers.


The Gallery includes all of the maps, apps, and services provided on CT ECO. It is the same content as the Gallery Group.

CT ECO on ArcGIS Online Tips

  • Stay away from anything marked "Mature Support" or "Deprecated." These words mean that the services are old and outdated and will be removed eventually. Many of these services are either duplicates or can now be found at the CT DEEP Open Data site and/or the CT Geodata Portal.
  • Click on any service to open it in the ArcGIS Online Map Viewer to take a look. The Map Viewer has loads of functionality including the ability to add multiple layers, change the way they look, do basic analyses and much more. Learn more on the Esri ArcGIS Online website.
  • You can modify and work on a map, but you can only save it if you have an account.  Learn how to create a free, public account on the ArcGIS Online website.
  • The Scene option is a map viewer for 3D layers, called scenes. We don't have any of those in the CT ECO ArcGIS Online at this time.