CT Elevation Data

A One Stop Shop for Lidar and Elevation

Elevation information is scattered around the website and this web page puts it all in one place. For reference, elevation comes in different flavors.

DEM - Digital elevation model which is a pixel-based layer (think hillshade) showing bare earth elevation. Here, DEMs are derived from Lidar points and buildings have been removed.
Lidar points - The points collected by the Lidar sensor on an airplane (in these cases). The points create a cloud of points.
Contours - Lines that each represent an elevation. Contours can be found on USGS topographic maps. On CT ECO, the contours are generated from the Lidar data.

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Elevation Viewers

3D Lidar Point Viewer

View and interact with the color Lidar point cloud in a 3D web scene.

Elevation Viewer

The 2016 bare earth raster tiles are part of the online, interactive elevation viewer that contains elevation, hillshade, shaded relief, slope and aspect.

Elevation Interact Viewer

For intermediate users, seven elevation datasets in one map with image display options.

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Elevation Image Services

Look for the Elevation category to find map and image services for DEM layers and contours.

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Elevation Download

Only 2016 statewide Lidar tiles and contours are downloadable from CT ECO. Lidar datasets can be downloaded with advanced options from the NOAA Data Access Viewer.

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Elevation Information and Help

What is Elevation Data?

CT Lidar Dataset Information. Contains all available documentation and metadata for Connecticut's Lidar datasets.

Elevation Viewer Tips. Help and tips when using the Elevation Viewer.

Elevation Interact Map Help. Help and tips when using the Elevation Interact Map.

3D Lidar Point Viewer Help. Help and tips when using the 3D Lidar Point Viewer.

Lidar FAQs. Frequently asked questions pertaining to Lidar.

Raster Functions: Accessing and Applying. Raster functions allow the user (that's you!) to change the way the elevation DEM service is displayed.

Under the Hood. Under the Hood explains how the Lidar DEMs are served on CT ECO and specifics about each function.

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Connect to Elevation

The elevation data is served as a map service using Esri's ArcGIS Server. Click here to learn more about how we are doing it.

Connect with ArcGIS Online. ArcGIS Online is a website by Esri that provides a platform for using, creating, and sharing maps, apps, and data, and accessing authoritative basemaps. CT ECO uses ArcGIS online to share many of Connecticut's maps and make it possible for users to save and make changes to the maps.

Connect with Google Earth. Google Earth is a virtual globe, map and geographical information program.

Connect with ArcPro. ArcPro is the newest desktop GIS software by Esri. It is not free.

Connect with ArcGIS. ArcGIS is a desktop GIS software by Esri. It is not free.

Connect using WMS.