Connecticut Soil Survey Updates – Fall 2023

Written by Jacob Isleib, State Soil Scientist The USDA NRCS, Soil and Plant Science Division refreshes the publicly available soil survey database once a year. This Annual Soils Refresh (ASR) provides new soils data, updates to existing soils data, and new soil interpretations. The ASR also ensures all official soils data adhere to the same […]

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CT ECO System Upgrades

CT ECO has received a number of upgrades this summer and there are a couple more in the pipeline. CT ECO is a system of five servers including a web server, three mapping servers, a database server, and a large storage drive. They connect to each other so that loads of Connecticut’s geographic data can […]

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Hillshade Raster Functions

More hillshade raster functions with different illumination angles added to the 2016 statewide elevation service and hillshade_se service.

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2019 Flight

The 2019 flight has been completed and is now on the CT ECO website!

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