Download Managers

Download managers are designed to help handle and manage multiple downloads at once. This is helpful for bandwidth and managing which files you actually want (and don't want) as well as providing additional functionality. At CT ECO, we have had good luck with a download manager called DownThemAll which is an add-on to Firefox, Chrome or Opera, Instructions follow. We also hear good things about FlashGot. If you would recommend other download managers (there are a lot out there!), let us know.


1. Download and install DownThemAll

Pick the correct version depending on your browser (Firefox, Chrome or Opera). You may want to browse the available features.

2. Open download page

Open your browser (the same one that you used to install DownThemAll) and navigate to a page containing files to download such as the 2019 imagery page, 2016 imagery page, 2012 imagery page, or others.

Pick Individual Files to Download

First, click on a tile on the map on download page. A pop-up opens and a list of tiles for that town are listed in the right panel.

  1. RIGHT-click over the file to download (such as Tiff) on either the pop-up or the list.
  2. Select DownThemAll! from the menu
  3. Choose Save Link with OneClick! There are other options, obviously. Feel free to explore them.

DownThemAll Manager window opens and starts downloading. Take a look at the window and notice that you can pause or cancel a download, rearrange order and more.

  • Continue to add tiles (same steps as above) and they are added in the queue in the manager.

Download a Group of Files

First, use the map on the download page to list the tiles of interest. Do this by selecting a town from the drop-down list (all tiles for that town are listed) OR use the Interactive Select Mode to create your own selection.

  1. Click the box to select all the tiles on the list. Alternatively, check on the ones to download.
  2. Choose the desired file format if there is an option.
  3. Click Go.

A new window opens that contains a boring list of the tiles selected.

  1. Right-click in the window and choose
  2. DownThemAll! and then
  3. DownThemAll! (again).

The DownThemAll! tab opens. Uncheck all filters except for Archives. This means that only the zip files will be downloaded. Explore the other options if you like. Click Download.

Open the manager to see the list of tiles downloading. Notice that you can pause or cancel downloads.