3D Lidar Point Viewer Help

View the 30-minute CLEAR webinar about the 3D Lidar Viewer, what it contains and how to use it.

Getting Started

Getting Started

The easiest way to get going is to use the pre-made slides along the bottom of the viewer.

Mouse over the viewer window and they show up. Click on a slide to change the zoom and layers that are visible.

Moving Around the Scene

Moving Around the Scene

Move around the scene using the tools on the toolbar in the upper left OR your mouse.

The tools

The home button takes you back to the initial extent of the map. In the case, it is the state.

Zoom in and Zoom out

 Use the pan tool to drag the map around.

Use rotate to rotate the map as well as change the angle.

 The compass icon displays rotation. Click the button to return to north.

Using the mouse

Use the scroll wheel (if you have one) to zoom in and out.

With the pan tool selected, left-click, hold and drag to move around the map.

With the rotate tool selected, left-click, hole and drag to change the rotation and the angle.

The Layer List – Turning Layers on and Off

The Layer List - Turning Layers on and Off

Click the layer list button  in the upper right to show the layer list. Layers with a check mark are on and visible in the map. Uncheck  any layer to turn it off.

Note that layers draw from the bottom to the top so the top-most layer that is checked will be fully visible and may hide layer beneath it.

Use the Zoom To button  to zoom to the full extent of that layer. Most layers in the Viewer are statewide.

Changing the Basemap (the layer underneath the rest)

Changing the Basemap (the layer underneath the rest)

Click on the basemap button  in the upper right to change the basemap. The basemap will draw underneath all of the other layers in the scene.

Bonus Bells and Whistles

Bonus Bells and Whistles


The measure scene tool is really amazing because it allows measurement even in the 3D scene.There are three options on the tool:

Measure Distance, Measure Area and Slice Objects. The ArcGIS Online help for Measure scene is thorough so head over there for the details.


Click on the Daylight icon to change how sun angle and shadows change the scene during different days and time of day.