3D Lidar Viewer Layers

Data Layer List

CT ECO Layers in the Map Viewer

Although these are available elsewhere on CT ECO, there are only available in 3D in this viewer.

Shaded Relief   elevation viewer | image service | web pages
Impervious Surface 2012   map service | web pages
Lidar-derived 1ft Contours   map service | web pages
NAIP 2018 Summer Aerial Imagery   imagery viewer | image service

Data Layer Information

Colorized Lidar

The points in the Lidar dataset are displayed using RGB color information from underlying aerial imagery. The result is a photorealistic display which helps us understanding the points and what they represent on the ground.

Class Code Modulated

Also called Modulate using intensity, the points are colored based on intensity values. Intensity is a relative measure of the return strength of the Lidar laser beam. There are many contributing factors to intensity, but generally and as an example, a flat, impervious surface will have a greater intensity than variable vegetation.


The points in the Lidar dataset are displayed based on their elevation in feet. Reds are the highest values and blue is the lowest.

Building and Bridges

A subset of the colorized points that represent buildings and bridges only.

3D Buildings and Trees Test

Zoom to the Middletown area to view 3D buildings and 3D trees. Notice the accurate roof lines as the Lidar elevation points were used. Click on any tree to open a pop-up displayed tree height and crown diameter. Click on any building to view building height, roof type as well as street address.

Lidar 2016 Download Link

This layer turns on a grid which represents the tiles of the 2016 flight. Click on any tile and the pop-up has a direct link to the zip file contains the LAS point Lidar data at that location. This is especially handy when used with other Lidar point layers in the viewer.

Enriched Flood Hazard Zones

This dataset was created for coastal Connecticut which includes the Connecticut River valley by running the Enrich layer analysis on flood zones. The Flood Zones were download from FEMA.