2022 CT Parcels Now Available Online!

The CT GIS Office is pleased to announce the publication of the 2022 Connecticut Parcel and CAMA data provided by the towns of Connecticut and the nine Councils of Governments (COGs) in collaboration with CT OPM. A download file is now available on the CT Open Data Portal. Direct Link: https://data.ct.gov/Local-Government/2022-Connecticut-Parcels-and-CAMA-Tables/2a4a-3zkh

The data are part of a single zipped file that contains three items: an easy-to-use geospatial project package with the CT parcels; CAMA files for each town; and a summary Excel document with additional information about the collection process. The parcels are grouped by COG and we include 167 out of 169 (98.8%) of the towns’ data.

The package file type is imported directly by ESRI products and is in a self-contained project package format that opens to all the towns’ data in an ArcGIS Pro map. Once opened, the feature classes, shape files, and geodatabases are available for analysis and manipulation. Most of the parcel data is separated into town-level geographies though a small number of towns are grouped by COG.

Please note that this data set does not include Harwinton or Winchester which were unavailable at the time of submittal.

For the tabular CAMA data, 154 out of the 167 (92.2%) towns have complete property information. Of the remaining 13 towns, four have no information and the rest have some limited information already added to the parcel attribute tables. These files were gathered from the CT towns by the COGs and then submitted to CT OPM. Town CAMA data with the file is organized by COG. As this is an evolving data-gathering process, attribute names, primary key, secondary key, naming conventions, and file formats are not fully consistent. Some cleaning and reorganization were conducted to improve the quality and utility of the data. To link CAMA and parcel data for a town find the appropriate primary and secondary keys within the corresponding tables and join within a GIS package. Contact the GIS Office with questions.

We have chosen to publish this dataset on the Open Data Portal (data.ct.gov) to make the information available more immediately (Yes, we know we are behind on publishing it!). With that said, this is just the beginning, as we are planning on eventually including this data on the geodata portal (geodata.ct.gov) along with additional tools for interaction and analysis. Future collections of the Parcel and CAMA data will be published via the Geodata Portal in a more integrated and easy-to-use manner (something we can all look forward to).

Additionally, I would like to acknowledge and thank the newest addition to the CT GIS Office, Carl Zimmerman, for helping us complete this important task.