CT ECO System Upgrades

CT ECO has received a number of upgrades this summer and there are a couple more in the pipeline. CT ECO is a system of five servers including a web server, three mapping servers, a database server, and a large storage drive. They connect to each other so that loads of Connecticut’s geographic data can make it’s way to you on both CT ECO and the CT Geodata Portal. Along with some security patches and other minor things, the major upgrades so far are –

  1. operating systems upgraded on all of the servers which are now running the latest Windows Server 2022,
  2. software upgraded bringing the mapping servers to ArcGIS Server version 10.9.1,
  3. with the software upgrades, we republished all services under the ArcPro runtime (previously ArcMap runtime), and
  4. increased the number of processing cores in order to increase the drawing speed and reliability of services.

We are also working on upgrading the large storage drive to increase access speed and provide more room for all the 2023 files and tiles that we will be here before we know it. The team, including UConn IT attempted, this twice (gulp) with issues that we are working through before attempting again on on Tuesday, Sept 5 at 5pm.

And also coming soon will be another software upgrade to ArcGIS Server version 11.1, the latest and greatest.

All of these upgrades have resulted in periodic system downtime and interruptions in service. A number of UConn IT folks work closely with the CT ECO mapping folks to bring the worlds together and minimize impact for our users. We greatly appreciate your patience while we navigate running and maintaining a complicated system.  As always, feel free to email us at clear@uconn.edu with any issues or questions.